Learn to Roll Your Own Cigars In Only a Few Steps

pexels-photoMany novice tobacco users cannot roll their own cigars properly.

This is not a new phenomenon. While I was a novice tobacco smoker in my early years, I often struggled with rolling my own cigars.

Only through hard work and dedication to rolling did I overcome this egregious shortcoming. That was almost twenty years ago, however.

Nowadays, with the advent of YouTube and the accessibility of the internet, novice rollers do not have to go through the same trial-and-error experiences that I, and many like me, went through.

With a little explanation, rolling one’s own tobacco cigars can be an easy and fulfilling experience. Funnels has a quality video that shows novices how to roll a tobacco cigar. View it below!

Funnels knows that the products that they sell cannot be used properly if the user does not know how to roll a cigar.

The first step to rolling a quality tobacco cigar is to order the Fronto leaf from Funnels. At this time, Funnels is offering a discount to all buyers. What better time than now to hone cigar-rolling skills?

The next step is to tear a nice piece off of the Fronto leaf. The user in this video tears his piece from the edge of the leaf.

After tearing a piece off of the Fronto leaf, fill the leaf with a nice, quality tobacco product. Funnels’s Grabba leaves work well for this purpose. The user in the video fills his leaf up with a decent amount of tobacco.

Rolling the cigar can be the tricky part of the rolling process. One must not roll to loosely or too tightly. The outcomes of this process can be compared to Goldie Locks’s trial of the beds- too hard, too soft, just right. Be sure to roll the cigar over a table or something else that will catch the loose tobacco.

When the tobacco is finally rolled, cut the excess leaf from the finished product. The demonstrator states that too much leaf will take away from the taste of the quality tobacco filler.

The final, and most important, step of this process is to smoke the cigar. After the long, hard effort of rolling, nothing beats the pleasure of smoking a homemade cigar.

Even if the roll is not perfect, the taste will beat almost any other product sold on the market. Why? Because you made it yourself. After all, isn’t the enjoyment of the product the most important part?

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